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Your mag rims are not usually covered with a scratch and dent cover policy unless you have extra cover. This means that any scratches or dents to your mag wheels cannot be claimed from your scratch dent policy. However, more insurers are now offering rim and tyre cover alongside scratch and dent cover. You may be able to buy both types of cover for a reduced rate from the same insurer. This means that the scratch and dent cover will apply to the exterior car body and interior surfaces while the rim and tyre cover will extend to the wheels and tyres.

Does Scratch and Dent have Rim and Tyre Benefits?

If you are looking for surface protection cover for your vehicle, beyond your car insurance policy, then both rim and tyre cover as well as scratch and dent cover are options. You cannot compare one with the other. These are different types of cover with benefits applicable to different parts of your vehicle. Similarly you cannot expect one policy to pay for an area of your vehicle that should be covered by the other. For example, scratch and dent cover will not extend to your mags and tyres.

It is important to understand the ambit of each type or policy. Firstly you should know what scratch and dent is and how scratch and dent cover works. Most of these short term insurance policies cover the exterior as well as the interior of your vehicle. Minor dents and light scratches to the bodywork of your vehicle (exterior) or to the dashboard and inside panels (interior) fall with thin policy benefits of scratch and dent cover which pays for the repairs.

Car Insurance for Rim and Tyre Damage

You can claim for some of these same exterior and interior repairs from your car insurance. However, scratch and dent is not car insurance. Usually scratch and dent has no excess for claims while there is typically excess with a car insurance claim. Therefore when damage arises you have to carefully consider whether to claim from scratch and dent cover or car insurance. It is more sensible to claim for minor damage repair from your scratch and dent cover while leaving car insurance claims for major vehicle damage or loss.

The same applies to your mag rims and tyres. Your car insurance may cover the mag rims and tyres if it is a legitimate claim, such as damage that arises with a motor vehicle accident. However, minor dents and light scratches on your mag rims can also be covered separately with rim and tyre insurance. This is a separate policy from your comprehensive or third party car insurance. Typically these rim and tyre policies do not have an excess when claiming unlike your car insurance. It may be the better option for tyre and rim repairs than claiming from your car insurance for minor wheel damage.