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The Scratch Dent website is an independent online platform focussing on the scratch and dent car insurance cover for minor damage to vehicle bodywork. We are not owned or operated by any insurer or insurance broker. ensures that the information on this website is unbiased and helpful to consumers who may be considering taking up this cover or already have it in place.

There are many different insurers now offering scratch and dent cover in the South African market. Terms and conditions of different policies may vary significantly and consumers are therefore required to understand the details applicable to their cover and vehicle. will not be held liable for any misuse of information or variance in individual policies. The information on this website is a general overview of scratch and dent policies in general.

We urge all readers to first speak to their insurer and/or broker before signing up for cover. Advertisements and quotes offered through the website is though third party advertisers. We are therefore unable to take responsibility for any concerns or problems relating to cover that was purchased from an advertiser reached through this website.