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It is important that you do not confuse the two types of cover. Many people who hear about scratch and dent cover do not understand the difference with regular car insurance. Scratch and dent cover protects your car’s bodywork against minor dents and scratches. Car insurance, specifically comprehensive cover, protects your vehicle against accident damage (irrespective of severity), theft and loss by other means. You can have both types of cover – regular car insurance and scratch dent cover.

Car Insurance vs Scratch Dent Cover

Car insurers are always keen to offer new products that can suit their customer’s needs. So a car insurer may offer scratch and dent cover. But do not be misled into believing that you are buying car insurance when you opt for scratch dent cover. It is not even the same as cheap car insurance. It is important to understand what scratch and dent cover is compared to car insurance. It is simply another option in the range of car cover options that insurers may offer.

If you really care about your car then you may want to have scratch and dent cover on top of your regular car insurance. Scratch and dent cover will pay for the minor dents and scratches as well as chips and cracks. Your regular car insurance also covers this if you have comprehensive cover. However, when you claim from your regular car insurance then you lose your no claim bonus and also risk an increase in your monthly premiums.

Cover for Minor Dents and Scratches

For this reason many people opt to cover the costs of repairing minor dents and scratches to the body work out of their own pocket. But it can still be costly. With scratch and dent cover you have added protection without needing to pay from your own pocket. Furthermore you are not risking your no claim bonus or premium hikes with regular car insurance claims. Make sure that you understand how scratch and dent cover works.

Scratch and dent cover is a great product for every car owner to have. It is very affordable and can save you hundreds if not thousands in minor repair costs. But do not try to replace regular car insurance with scratch and dent cover. Similarly do not rely on regular car insurance cover for minor repairs when your scratch and dent cover would have sufficed. Rather choose to have both types of cover for your car and rest assured that you are protected for both minor and major events.