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Protect Your Vehicle

Inside and Out


with Scratch and Dent Cover

Exterior and Interior


from R99 per month

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Protect the resale value of your car and keep it in pristine condition

Minor Dents & Chips
Light Scratches
Minor Hail Damage
Windscreen Chips
Wheel Rim Scratches
Number Plate Damage
Interior Fabric Tears
Dashboard Scratches
Cigarette Burn Repairs

Every vehicle owner needs scratch dent cover

A small stone chip on your windscreen. A trolley dent on your fender. Or a scratch on your door that you cannot explain. The reality is that these little 'dings and dents' can occur at any time and anywhere. In fact these mishaps are just unavoidable but can cost a vehicle owner in the long run. 

Even minor bodywork can be costly and many of us ignore these little scratches and dents until it is time to sell the vehicle or trade in. Unfortunately car buyers and dealers are not going to ignore it and the state of your car's bodywork may affect the price you get for it. This could means thousands and even tens of thousands of your selling price.

Scratch and dent can help you repair these mishaps without having to strain your budget.

Easy Claims. Quick Repairs.

Scratch dent cover will pay for your minor vehicle repairs, both inside and outside. When there is damage that falls within the ambit of scratch dent cover, you can contact the call centre for advice on how to claim. The process usually involves these steps:

  1. Take your vehicle to an approved panel beater for assessment and a quote.
  2. Send the quote to the insurer and complete the rest of the claim application process.
  3. Once approved, you can take your car to the panel beater for repairs.
  4. The insurer will pay for the repairs within the level of cover.

If the cost of the repairs exceed the level of scratch dent cover, you will have to pay the difference. However, it is important to note that scratch dent cover is best applied to minor damage to both the interior or exterior of your vehicle. For major repairs, you will need to contact your short term insurer and claim from your car insurance.

No need to claim from your car insurance for minor repairs.
No risk of losing your no claim bonus.
No risk of having your car insurance premiums hiked for claiming.

Scratch dent cover is not intended to replace car insurance. If your car is under finance then
you are required to have comprehensive car insurance as per the finance agreement you had signed.